Thursday, July 5, 2012

Holiday Recap!

Happy Belated 4th of July!

Today feels like a Monday.  A horrible Monday that played a trick on me.  Well since I feel like this, today will be Married Monday part 2 with a Holiday Recap!

-Project Rearrange is over.  We were able to rearrange the guest room and add more pictures to our living room.  We even cleaned our closets.  The only in-laws are not coming in town.  My father-in-law has to work this weekend so our project was a waste.  Yes our house looks even better, but no family to visit.  Maybe next time!

-Reason for no posts this week?  I've been trying to catch up with the project I am working on.  On Friday, it was over 100 degrees and the power went out for an hour.  When it finally came on, it flickered two more times, causing our server to go down for the rest of the day.  This meant no drawing, internet, emails and definitely posts.

The little light that I got when the power went out.

-Finally 4th of July!  It felt weird being off in the middle of the week, but I did get little treasures like this:

Conversation with my husband:
C: What city would you never want to live in?
B: Detroit, you?
C: Angel Grove.
B: ...Wait...from Power Rangers?!
C: Yeah!  I wouldn't want to get crushed and attacked by monsters!
B: I would actually want to see a monster and you have the Power Rangers to save you.
C: Not all the time!  What about when they lost their powers when they became kids?  Or before they became Zeo Rangers.  See I'm unique!
B: Oh you're "unique" alright.
C: Are you saying I'm crazy?!

Now, I'm back to work!

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  1. That conversation made me crack up. I had to tell Tom because I was laughing so hard.


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