Chela's Tips for Going Natural

And here are my tips for anyone going natural. I initially sent this to my Mother-in-law, so I hope these tips help you too!

Natural Hair Terms:

Finding your hair type:
  • I’m a 3c-4a-4b.  Since I have 3 different textures, I usually do a twist out (twists unraveled) so I can create the look of one texture. The link listed above will let you know what texture you have and what products work great with it.
Basic Info:
  • Don’t comb or detangle on dry hair.  Wet your hair and then comb.For a comb, use a wide tooth or pick…not a fine tooth comb. Sometimes I use my fingers.
  • For shorter hair: Oil and wrap your hair.  In the morning, you may need to spritz your hair with oil and water and pick it.
  • For medium to longer hair: To stretch your hair and minimize shrinkage, you can twist your hair at night after oiling it with the steps in the link.
  • Protective styles are awesome.  It is a great way to keep your hair in a style and give it a rest.  I wore a lot of braids and weaves when I first went natural, and my hair grew a lot.   In between each session, I got a trim.   Now, I just keep my hair in buns or pinned up because of the humidity.
  • Cover your hair with a satin scarf at night.
  • Once my hair was long enough, I got my ends trimmed every 3-4 months.

Washing your hair:

  • I use the curly method.I just wash my hair with a cheap conditioner (Suave, Tresemme or V05) to moisturize it once a week and I wash with a sulfate-free shampoo at the end of the month.
  • If that is not for you, just find a shampoo that is sulfate free so it doesn’t dry your hair out and condition afterwards.
  • Remember to deep condition and apply a leave in conditioner.
Styling your hair:
  • Remember L.O.C: Liquid, Oil, and Cream.  Apply water, oil then butter.  There are some products that already contain oils and butter in the ingredients.  So I just add water and the product.
  • To regain moisture, sometimes I just refresh my hair by spritzing with water and oil mixture in a spray bottle or I just steam my hair in the shower.
Hair Products:
  • Just find a product that doesn’t contain bad ingredients.  (List can be found on link #2) When I first went natural, I used the products that I used when I had a relaxer.   It caused my hair to be really dry because of the mineral oils and petroleum grease.
  • You can make your own products or you can use the ones that can be found in stores.  So far I have used Kinky-Curly, Shea Moisture and Taliah Waajid.  I loooooove Shea Moisture!  Find out what works for you J.
Great websites: (there are a lot of video bloggers that have everything about natural hair on their channel)

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