Monday, November 28, 2011

The Monday after Thanksgiving

Happy Cyber Monday and Happy 6 month anniversary to my Husband and I!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

On Wednesday, my job let us leave 2 hrs early so I was able to catch up on all the cleaning and packing we had to do before our 10 hour drive.  Thursday morning, we were so tired that we left the house at 430am.  We had Mr. Tibbs with us during the whole ride.  He is a morning bird, but early morning...not so much.  I had to deal with him hissing at me everytime I got near him.  He changed his tune after our first stop after 5hrs.

We finally made it to our destination at 2pm.  We only had enough time to drop Tibby off at my Mom's house and then freshen up because of our future visits. The thing that makes our Thanksgiving different from others is that we have to visit 3 houses; my Mom's, my grandmothers, and my in-laws.  To make everything easier on us, my Mom decided to move Thanksgiving to my God-Mom's house so that all the house we had to visit were in the same city.  That made our day!

First we headed to my God-Moms.  Before we left, my boss gave me a tip on how to eat.  "Grandma is always the most important.  Eat at her house first and then take little bites at everyone else's house."  I wish I had taken that advice.  As you can see in the pictures below, my God-parents and my Mom made everything that was soooo yummy.  The two things I was looking forward to was my Mom's macaroni and cheese and cheese cake.  I think I gained 10lbs before I left for my Grandma's.

Before we left, my God-brother told me he got a new pet...a turtle.  Never seeing a turtle up close, I instantly grabbed him.  To my family, I am known as "dog girl" and the girl who loves animals.  The first reaction my family said was "EWWWW."   Lol.   I loved this little turtle, especially since Mr. Tibbs was giving me no love.

Next, we headed to my grandmothers.  My sister decided to tag along with Brian and I.  Their first reaction when they opened the door was that we were "strangers."  Oops.  The rest of the time at my grandparents house was filled with conversation and my sister and I getting fussed out by my grandmother for coming over with full bellies, especially my sister.  I didn't get to eat her famous pineapple upside down cake, but I did get to visit :-).

Finally, we made it to my in-laws.  I couldn't fit anymore food down, so we stayed up and socialized with the family.  By 10pm, I was fighting sleep, but I was able to stay up for another 2 hrs.

For the rest of the weekend, we visited my Mom and Mr. Tibbs to make sure they were okay.  As usual, she spoiled him.  I let him out of the cage on Friday and he flew around the room and before he landed on the china closet and then my arm.  And I was the main one that said that I wasn't going to let him out.

Saturday, we went shopping with my in-laws and for our pre-anniversary, Brian and I went to see Twilight, Breaking Dawn.  I actually liked it.  Kristen is getting better with her acting and the make up was awesome...her facial expressions, not so much.  What I didn't like is that Jacob just can't back away.  Come on dude, they are married now!!!

Sunday, we said our good byes to our parents, picked up Mr. Tibbs and left to go back home.  In those 10hrs, we had some adventures:

Tibby finally got comfortable with the drive...until the last hr.

South of the Border.  I have never been, but I always enjoy the signs on the border of South Carolina and North Carolina.

And finally, Mr. Tibbs and his love for Michael Jackson.  In this video, he is whistling to "Heart break Hotel."

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