Monday, January 23, 2012

Recipe #13: Homemade Texas Cheese Fries (from Chili's)

Last month, Brian and I got a gift card to Chili's for our Birthday/Christmas from his parents.  Since we usually don't go out that much, we decided to go out one Saturday for lunch.  Before we went, we looked at their menu online to get a feel of what we wanted.  We decided to get their 2 for $20 meal.  For our appetizer we got their Texas Cheese fries.  Chili's Texas Cheese fries are covered with "applewood smoked bacon, jalapeños and green onions and it is served with ranch dressing."  Can we say yummy?! 

We decided to try our own after I begged Brian for some more.  After our first failed attempt, we tried it again yesterday.  I wish I would have taken pictures because it looked just like Chili's, except that we used crinkle fries.  Here is our recipe:


Homemade Texas Cheese Fries (from Chili's)

-Bag of frozen french fries
-Jar of jalapenos
-Sprinkled sharp cheese
-Bacon bits
-Ranch dressing

-Cook fries using the directions from the bag.
-On a plate, pour cooked fries on it and top with sprinkled cheese, peppers and bacon bits.
-Put it in the microwave for 15-30 seconds, or until cheese has melted.
-Serve with ranch dressing.

Next time, I will try it using my Homemade french fries recipe!


February 3, 2013
See my updated post about how I made these fries for the Superbowl!  Click here.

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