Monday, November 21, 2011

Where have I been?!

Sorry for the delay!

Thanksgiving is around the corner and work has been super busy!  Here is a recap of everything you've missed:

Site meeting.  I wish it was for my school but it was for a school I helped with. 
School A (My school) is like my child.  I helped draw over 50% of it.
School B (This school) is like my god-child.  I only drew 20% of it and it was "inherited" to me after its "parents" left our firm.

Work.  After work, my car's battery died.  I am so thankful for the people who have jumper cables in their car because I was able to get home safely after my co-workers gave me a jump.

I had to ride Brian's car to work while my car was out of commission.   We decided after we would take Mr. Tibbs to the Vet, that we would go to the store and buy a new battery.  In the meantime at work, it was my boss' 50th birthday.  On birthdays, I usually photoshop something nice for them.  My boss loves Krispy Kreme so here is the result:

Today, we pasted it on a Krispy Kreme box so everyone could see it :-).

After the mini party, I left to take Mr. Tibbs to the vet.  I always leave work an hour early for this because I always have to fight to put him in the cage.  After 10 minutes of him flying around, I was finally able to put him in the cage.

He was mad at me the whole time and hissed at me. The dogs at the vet scared him, so he squawked at them and used the bathroom all in his cage. The vet clipped his wings and toe nails and said he looked fine. But when the vet placed him on the ground to go to me to see if his wing still worked, he walked around me because he was mad. He is fine now, but he showed that he didn't like the trip.

Saturday & Sunday
I had to deal with Mr. Tibbs forgetting that his wings were clipped and flying around the room.  What I love about his vet is that he doesn't clip all his wings.  He leaves enough so he can flutter for a few seconds if he gets scared.  Well, Mr. Tibbs flew behind the tv and his cage and I had to pick him up.  The joys of having a bird :-P.

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