Thursday, December 15, 2011

Surprise Site Visit Rant

When I do anything in life, I usually have a pattern.  For example, when I go on a site visit, I wear my hair in a low bun so I can put on my hard hat and I wear pants so my legs don’t get dirty.  When it is cold outside I use this little chart that I found on Pinterest to figure out whether I need to shave my legs or not:

Remember these lessons, because they will be important later.

Well, every other Wednesday, I usually go on a Owner – Architect – Contractor Meeting for School S to discuss the construction progress of our project and then we visit the site to check the progress.   Since I’m still training, I went along with the project manager.  Yesterday was a little different.  Since the project manager was getting more work at our office, they were giving the project to another manager in our office.  Because both the project managers and the president of our firm were going to the meeting, they decided that I should go next time so there wouldn’t be so many people going.  Fine.  While they were walking out the door, they decided to take me.  While this meant more IDP hours put towards SITE OBSERVATION, I was put in an uncomfortable position.  Yes I did have my hard hat and boots for this occasion, but I didn’t shave my legs. Plus I wasn’t dressed for the occasion: I had on a skirts, thigh boots, big earrings and high ponytail.  This had happened before but not to this extreme.  So the only thing I knew what to do was WORK IT.

My mind was taken off of it for a little while by the art the teachers put up in the office before we had our meeting.  Plastic bottles in the shape of penguins, how cute!

After the meeting, I changed into my boots with my hairy legs exposed.  I’m not talking about a week worth of hair but MONTHS of wearing pants or skirts with thigh boots.  Well, this was when the “WORK IT” mind set came into play. 

At the time, I felt like Posh Spice in the movie “Spice World” when all the Spice Girls were marching in place, lol.  I have nothing against skirts, but when you are trying to walk on a steep hill or climb something with a bunch of guys nearby on a job site, it kinda sucks.

Nevertheless, I did what I had to do…SITE OBSERVATION.  The contractors put up the steel before the Christmas holiday and they are putting down the slabs now. 

They also had sample brick on site, so we had to choose which one matched the existing building.  The existing building had a blend of three colors, but when the sun hit the surface, only one brick truly matched.  The President and myself chose the sample on the far left. 

They are moving pretty fast to be 3 days behind, but I can’t wait to see the finished product J.

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