Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

Here is a recap of my Husband's birthday weekend!

Cleaning, errands and etc.

Sunday: Brian's Birthday!
I wanted to wake Brian up early in the morning to wish him a happy birthday but I didn't get up till 1230am.  After watching South Park and singing Happy Birthday, my husband finally drifted to sleep.  That's when I started my surprise.

Last week, I saw a birthday sign and I wanted to hang it on our bedroom window early in the morning so he would see it when he woke up.  I didn't count on Mr. Tibbs reaction to me putting it up near his cage.  I was putting up his birthday sign at 140am, when Mr. Tibbs started freaking out because he saw my shadow and I had to uncover him to calm him down.  When I opened up the cage, he flew on Brian's pillow (which freaked Brian out) and then I had to calm him down for 20 mins before he would get back in the cage.  Then Brian saw the birthday sign...Boooooo!

After a sleepy start, we went to church and then I made Brian's Birthday dinner a couple hours later.  Recipes will be provided shortly!

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