Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Office Rant #8: Tan Lines From Typical Summer Activities

I found this picture on my friend's Facebook page:

What the sad thing is...I can't even remember my last summer vacation.  Even when I was in college, I either worked during the summer or studied abroad.  I think my last "summer vacation" was my honeymoon last year, but that was just for a week.  I don't even have any real hobbies except for drawing.  And when I finish my internship credits, it will probably be studying for my Licensing Exam.  It feels weird to just do stuff outside of that.  Architecture has taken over my life.

::Sigh:: The life in Architecture.


  1. im starting architecture at uni next year, and just the other day i remarked how much i love summer :///////

    1. Enjoy summer while you can, lol! And good luck at uni!


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