Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A look back 8 years ago

The other day, I was looking for an old picture when I came across my old blog that I had from 2004-2006.  It was hosted by Xanga and it wasn't anything fancy.  Architecture school was still crazy as I imagined it (which caused me to be M.I.A. on some post), Brian and I were only dating for a year, and I had normal college drama.  But something had caught my eye.  I had posted over 2 years of how I wanted an internship.  I worked in the fast food industry and summer camps while my classmates got their dream job instantly.  I did eventually get one, but it was in City planning.  I didn't know that it in another 2 years, I would be moving out of state to work.

In December 2005, I almost had one opportunity.  An alumnus had posted a flyer in our department about needing students to help him measure a building.  It wasn't an internship, but it was experience.  Three of my classmates and myself had applied but he never contacted me.  He did call me but when I tried to call him back, he sorta brushed me off.  Here's the story:

December 28, 2005
I hope everyone's holiday season has been fine.  I was wondering why the guy who is in charge of my architectural internship didn't call me back.  He called me December 20th at 11:08am and I didn't hear the phone.  So I called him back at 12 and he told me that he was going to call me back because he was on the phone.  Days have went by.  So I contacted the girl that got hired with me tonight and here is what happened: 
Chela: gotta question, did mr. w. contact u at all yet?
LaToya: yeh he did
Chela: he tried to contact me and i called him back and he said that he was going to call me back and didnt
LaToya: oh
Chela: did u start the job yet?
LaToya: yeh he has me t n arlene on it
Chela: oh...i wonder why he didnt call me back about it
LaToya: i remember when he called us to meet with him he was tryin 2 call u
LaToya: n he kept gettin ur voicemail
Chela: he only called me once
LaToya: i thought he called u numerous times
Chela: nope...he only called me on Dec. 20th and i didnt hear the phone so i called him back and he told me he was on the phone and he was going to call me back and he never did
LaToya: yeh the 20th is when we met the client and everything
Chela: ugh
There goes my day.  Brian said that it might be a reason why this had happened and God has a plan for me.  I believe it, I'm just a little upset.  Now I gotta think of something...

January 25, 2006
Speaking of Architecture, the guy I had for my internship finally contacted me after I emailed him...very triflin I must say but I can't work for someone like that anymore.  This continues the entry from December 28, 2005
My email:This is in response to the internship flyer I contacted you about two months ago.  After we met, you told myself and a couple other students that you would contact us during our winter break to start a location in Hampton.  I received only one call December 20, 2005 at 1130am.  I saw that I had only one missed call and I returned your call at 12pm. 
You told me that you were on an important phone call and that you would call
me back.  I never received your call since then and now the other
students are working on the project as of today.  I was very eager to work on
the project but since the project has already been worked on since
December, I do not want to begin in the middle and not know the client.  I am very sorry but I have to decline this internship.  Thank you for the opportunity.
His email:
I did wonder what happened to you. The other students relentlessly stayed in touch with me regarding possible community opportunities (which by the way are not internships) and you did not, therefore when the opportunities became available I contacted those who expressed the greatest interest. This may have been an indication to you of your pending decline. If at some later time you believe that you are ready and available to become committed to these community opportunities, please do not hesitate to e-mail and/or
call me.  Thank you for your initial interest, we continue to look forward to providing opportunities to you!

Gotta go now, cya!
Even though I was hurt, I'm happy that I handled that in the most professional manner.  I didn't need to work with someone who didn't believe in a person or keep in contact with them.  I started to doubt myself but I had positive people around me.   I continued to work in other fields during the summer and during school, I volunteered for the scholarship department for 5 years.  Little did I know that working for the scholarship department would help me get the job I have today.

If I were to tell that same girl from 6 years ago about the blessings she would receive, she wouldn't believe it.  I'm thankful that I stayed grounded and continued to work hard. The weirdest part is that even though my classmates got a 2 year head start for working at an Architecture firm, I'm closer to completing my IDP hours than everyone else. 

Sorry for semi-bragging.  I'm just happy!  During slow work days like this, it makes it even better.

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