Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Guest Blogger Fix

Yesterday, I announced that I would be done my hours by Thursday.  Today, I found out that I will be officially done by the end of today.  My co-worker is taking me to a site visit for his project at a Pump Station.  Later today, we are heading out to School S.  I hope that today's hours add up to 4. 

While I'm stalling for time, I decided to make some more tweeks to the site. 
  1. I've added a "you might also like" widget to the bottom of posts.
  2. I've added a contact form for the Guest Blogger page.  Originally, I had the rules and links to guest bloggers but I didn't have how to contact me.  This will make it easier to contact me than to comment on a post from last year.
Hopefully, the changes will make navigation a little bit easier on the site.

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