Tuesday, May 8, 2012

They're Here!

ARE in a Flash can be brought here
My first study guides came in the mail!  With a testing order in place, I decided to try out the Building Design and Construction Systems cards first.  Out of 87 cards, I was only able to answer 10 correctly.  I know that I just started, but with 5 1/2 years of Architecture school and 4 years in the profession, it kinda sucks to have some flash cards to bring you back down to Earth.  For some strange reason, I have no problem with the drawing portion of the exam (vignettes).  That is the section that everyone complains about.  It's the multiple choice questions that get me down. 

This morning, I practiced again with my co-worker who is taking the Construction Documents & Services exam first.  Even with his 15 years of experience over me, he made me feel better knowing that he feels the exact same way that I do with the exam material.  I wish I had my study group from college to help me study.  We use to come up with songs and dances to remember some of the material for our Architectural History class and would ace it.  We are at difference places in our IDP and ARE right now, so it would be tough to get my Architectural buddies back together for a mini reunion. ;-)

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Right now, I'm saving my money for this book to complete my study collection.  So far I have flash cards, programs, online material and printed materials.  At lunch, I'm going to buy a binder and folder tabs and organize all my online and printed materials so I don't have to always go on the computer to study.  Hopefully, with all this material, I only have to take each test once.

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