Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Walkthrough Wednesday: Project Rearrange

The past couple of days, I have been extremely busy in my professional and personal life. 

At work, our firm is currently working on a couple of projects.  Since I'm drafting on a couple of them, myself and the project manager have been going to endless coordination meetings with the engineers and the city.  Since we have a presention tomorrow, I have been working on the 3D model since last week.  Today is my first real lunch break I've had since last week.  That's why I have been behind on posts.

At home, Brian and I are straighting the house for his Dad and brother's visit during the 4th of July weekend.  The last visit (and first) visit was when Brian's Dad and Mom came to stay overnight last August before they drove to New Orleans.  This time, we wanted them to feel more welcome, especially since this will be my brother in law's first visit.  This started Project Rearrange.

For Project Rearrange, we wanted to clean the house as usual then totally rearrange our guest room.  For 13 months, our guest room consisted of a book case, wedding gifts, bridal shower poster and sash, computer and printer, Brian's boxes from when he moved, and my ARE study material.  We wanted our guest room to look more like one than storage.  To start off, Brian asked me to use my skills and draw the layout of the room.  Being a perfectionist, I drew everything digitally, put it on a titleblock, then made three copies.  Brian thought I over did it, lol.  Next, I drew the existing layout and proposed layout and Brian drew a second proposed layout.
Existing Layout

My Layout

Brian's Winning Layout.  Our designs were similar but we had our bookcase, mirror and computer in different locations.  He loved having the idea of the computer being in view of the door because Tibby squawks everytime we go in the room and he can't see us.  The only thing we changed about his design is the location of the full mirror.
1. We moved the bookcase near the window and went through all my papers and awards from college.  I didn't realize how junky it was and it took a couple of hours to go through it all.

2.  The wedding gifts.  Brian and I traveled 600 miles with these gifts and once we got back to the house, we left it in the room.  We went through them and documented what was in there for our thank you cards, but we never used them.  I already put one of the gifts on the bookcase.  A million more bags to go.

3.  The computer and printer were moved, yay!

4. ARE study material.  I couldn't fit in on the bookcase, even after I cleaned it.  Soooo in a box they stay.

We still have a while to go but at least it's looking good so far!   Which layout did you like the best?

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