Monday, July 16, 2012

Married Monday: Weekend Recap

This weekend was a pretty lazy weekend.  Other than the usual weekend clean up and church, we decided to head to Target and buy a new wireless router.  For the past couple of weeks, our router has been out; causing us to use our modem on one computer.  While in the store, Brian kept walking in the middle of the aisle so this conversation came up:

C: Brian, why do you keep walking in the middle of the aisle?!  You are going to get in people's way.
B: No one is around and I own this aisle!
C: takes a special person to marry such a unique person like you.
B: If that's what you keep telling yourself to sleep better at night, then okay.
C: :-P

After the crazy conversation and finding the perfect router, Brian set up the router.  While waiting, I decided to start on a Pinterest project I found online.  I don't have a sewing machine yet, but I want to get back in sewing like I did when I was younger.  So far, I have started on the middle ruffles of the shirt and I can't wait for the outcome.

I moved my project to the guest room as I watched Brian finish his task.  As of Saturday 11:22pm, we officially were wireless and I'm able to use my guest room computer and Nintendo 3DS again.  I got so excited that I stayed up till 2am.  Horrible decision.

Now I'm still tired and I have an event to go to after work.  I can't wait to see my bed.

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