Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tibby Tuesday: Olympics

Source: Google Images
Since Friday, the Olympics have been the only thing that has been on the television.  Every 4 years, I happen to miss the event, but this year I got to see everything.  Mr. Tibbs have even been included in the fun.

Day 1: Opening Ceremony (Mr. Bean, LOL!)
Day 2: The Games
Each time, Mr. Tibbs sat outside his cage and watched the games.
Out of all the games we have seen so far, I think Mr. Tibbs loves basketball.  There is a lot of squeaking from the shoes and the crowds love to whistle.  Other than the games, he also loves his usual commercials.  For me, I loved gymnastics and swimming.  I can't wait for tennis to start, so I can add that to my list.

If they had whistling as one of the sports, Mr. Tibbs would definitely win!

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