Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Authorization to Test

Approved and Authorization to Test Letters
105 Days…that’s how many days it took to say that I can officially take my exams!  I could have shaved off 30 days but I didn’t know the protocol after NCARB sent my information to the state board.  Below shows my process:

4/30 - Submitted final internship hours.
6/5 -   NCARB approved my record.
6/5 -   Paid to transmit record to State Board.
6/6 -   Received an email stating: "a certified copy of your Council Record, indicating completion of the NCARB education and training standards, will be transmitted to the State Board."
6/25 - NCARB sent the electronic transmittal to the state board.

State Board
7/23 - Emailed State Board about status and found out that I needed to fill out an application.
7/25 - Submitted Application.
7/27 - Application in the system.
8/6 -   State Board approved.
8/13 - Received Authorization to Test Letter.

I’m excited because this is my first step into taking my exams, but it’s also a kick in the butt that I’m so close.  I’m saving up some more so I can take my first exam around my birthday in December.  Yesterday, Brian took me out to dinner to celebrate. 

I still have a while to go, but that just means more studying for me!

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