Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Women In Architecture: From Future Chela

Welcome to Wednesday's installment of Women in Architecture.  I'm writing this on a Tuesday because I have an all day presentation Wednesday for Project C to create a space program for our building.  I've never been part of this portion of Architecture.  I'm usually on the drafting/detailing/management side, so my boss is trying to get me more experience.  When I wrote this earlier, I was in the middle of making the agenda and PowerPoint and had just finished a meeting with Boss 1 on how we are going to present this information to our end users.

With that being said, I am encouraging myself right now because these 4 back to back presentations are freaking me out a little: 
  • I will NOT stay behind the PowerPoint and be the girl that just clicks the button. My boss won't let me anyway because he is making it his mission to make sure I'm not confused as something I'm not.
  • I am NOT a "PowerPoint Presentation girl." 
  • I will SPEAK UP and present along with my bosses.
  • I am a FUTURE Architect.
UDPATE 2/27 @ 3:38PM - And I did great.  My boss did the majority of the talking, but when it was my turn, I did well.  Tomorrow is part two of the presentation, so I would have perfected everything by then!  Go me!

And to continue with Wednesday's theme but with just photos, I am linking up with Alex @ Good Girl Gone Wife for Wordless Wednesday.  Enjoy!

I sent this photo to my sister on Sunday because she had a big event and needed encouragement.  I guess this photo can apply to me also!
Getting my thoughts together for the presentation.

Brian and I after an annual Black Business Breakfast event last Saturday.  My firm was recognized as an "African-American Trailblazer" in business.
Last Saturday night.  On Skype with my sister.  Which is worse: phone in bra or pin in bun?

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