Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tibby Tuesday: My hair is a bird's nest

Mr. Tibbs on my head in 2009.
...literally.  On Saturday, Mr. Tibbs woke up in a playful mood.  Since Brian was knocked out, I uncovered Mr. Tibbs and let him out the cage.  Usually on Saturdays, he is quiet till we both are out the bed, but he squawked to the top of his lungs to play.  I grabbed his bell, put him on my arm and we both whistled while Brian watched the news.  Eventually, Brian made up a song for Mr. Tibbs and Mr. Tibbs whistled to him.

After an hour, I wanted to rest my hand, so I tried to place Mr. Tibbs on his favorite pile of teddy bears.  When he didn't budge off my shoulder, I rung his bell in the direction of the teddy bears.  That didn't turn out the way I hoped:

My head will forever be Mr. Tibbs' nest.

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