Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tibby Tuesday: The Tibby Law

In our household, we have a running joke called "The Tibby Law." This law is when we have a disagreement about something and Mr. Tibbs decides on which argument he agrees with.  When Mr. Tibbs agrees, he randomly rings his favorite bell.  Afterwards, the winning party has to say "Tibby agrees!"  The only way it can work is if he rings his bell within seconds of a question/statement being made.  Here are some examples:

Brian: You are crazy
Me: Nuh uh!
Me: Tibby agrees that I'm not crazy!

Brian: You need to get ready for work.
Me: Nope!  Lets make Tibby decide.  Tibby, can I stay in bed?
::No sound::
Me: Can I stay in bed so I can spend time with my big boy?
Me: Yay! Tibby agrees!
(Unfortunately, Mr. Tibbs doesn't understand that Work + paycheck = toys and seeds)

This happens so often, that we follow the Tibby Law.

On Sunday night, I talked with my sister on Skype.  For the past couple of months, my sister and I have been using a new word that we made up.  We have been using this word not only on Skype but in our everyday interactions with people.  Brian hates when I use that word because he says that it's not real. 

I can't say what the word is because I would like to keep this post rated G.  Lets call the word "Fetch."
Source: Google Images

C: "Talks about her weekend adventures."
Me:  I'm surprised you didn't say "Fetch!"
C: Lol, I know right?!
Me: Too bad I can't say "Fetch" around Brian, he doesn't believe it's a word.
C: Well, we made it up so of course it's a word.
Me: Tibby agrees!  Mr. Tibbs rung his bell from the other room.  "Fetch" is now a word based on the Tibby Law!
C: At 7:38pm on Cinco De Mayo, "Fetch" became a word!

We eventually told Brian about the new word the Tibby Law accepted and he couldn't dispute it.  Now "Fetch" is a household word thanks to the Tibby Law!

Source: Google Images

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