Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Recipe #7: Apple Sherbet

Happy Tuesday!

Last night, I wanted to make a dessert for Brian.  I found a recipe for Apple Ice Cream on Pinterest and I wanted to try it out. 

The only problem is that I had green apples, no ice cream or caramel.  Boooo.  So, as usual, I decided to change it a little...

Apple Sherbet

-Green Apples
-1 scoop of Sherbet

"Cut the top bit off the apple, and scoop out all the inside flesh. If you want to do this more than 5 minutes before serving, squeeze lemon juice over the apple to stop it browning. Fill the apple with a scoop or two of ice cream."

It is seriously hard carving an apple with a spoon.  It's do-able but it takes some time.  While I was doing this, I accidently left the sherbet out, so some of it melted.  Either way, it was still yummy.

I tried it again on 11/7/11 and I think I mastered it!  This time I didn't leave the sherbet out to melt.

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