Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wendy's Redesigned Restaurants

In the middle of two deadlines for work, I found this on AOL:

Pic: Huffington Post

Here are the new changes:
"The four Wendy's designs -- dubbed ultra-modern, urban, traditional and classic -- range widely in tone and look, but all share a few qualities. Wendy's classic red faux-tile roof is gone. Tile floors replace carpeting in the dining rooms. And the company responded to customers' calls for more varied seating arrangements by adding lounge chairs and cocktail-style tables."
And here is there goal for the new changes:
"What really counts is that the design brings people back to the stores and enhances the customer experience in the long term. Lynch noted that early signs on these metrics have been positive. For instance, a larger proportion of customers has been eating in the dining room, rather than in their cars, at the new stores."
I'm neutral with the whole idea of Wendy's changing their design, especially since I worked there when I was a teen.  As long as they don't change the food and the space is functional, then I'm fine with it.  The only problem I have with the design is that it is similar to McDonald's new look - minus the stone.  Plus the white boxes on the exterior are a little distracting.  Just because something is "eye candy" does not mean the prototype will work.  It's the inside that counts...which I actually find sexy ;-).

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