Monday, December 19, 2011

Third times the...poop

Yesterday, Brian and I tried the Apple Project again with Mr. Tibbs.  This time we shredded and chopped the apples into tiny pieces. 

When we came up stairs, our darling bird was in his cage.  To get him out, I had to ring his favorite bell.  Brian started the routine by eating a bite of his apple and then I followed.  Mr. Tibbs did not move.  Next, we put his bell over the apples and yet again, he did not move.  Finally, I put the apples at the rim of his plate.  Hesitant at first, Mr. Tibbs licked the apple but told us how he hated it by pooping on me.  YUCK! 

Side story: I have been training Mr. Tibbs for three years how to only poop on paper, not my shoulder.  His vet told me that every time he tried to bite or poop on me, just drop my arm and he will know not to do that anymore.  Now, every time he has to poop, he flies back to his cage and then I pick him back up after he finishes.

Anyway, I changed my shirt and picked Mr. Tibbs up again to watch "Animation Domination" on Fox.  While I was laying on Brian, Mr. Tibbs either sat comfortably on my shoulder or my stomach.  Sweet right?

It was sweet till the phone rung.  While I was talking to my Mom, Mr. Tibbs started his apple revenge on Brian.  Every couple of minutes, I caught Mr. Tibbs trying to climb on Brian.  Each time I said "No No Tibby."  And each time, he would turn around and climb on my belly.  This time, he waiting till I was deep in the conversation with my Mom.  When he tested his boundaries, he climbed on Brian, pooped and flew away.  Classic Tibby.  My Mom's response: "That's just Love Poop!"

Well Tibby got time out and here's what he thought of it...

When birds turn their back on you, that means that they are trying to shut you out.  Afterwards, he realized his favorite bell was not in his cage, so he tried to butter me up.

Who else but Tibby!

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