Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3 Day Weekend Recap

This weekend was a very eventful weekend.  I was able to get my hair straightened, bond with Mr. Tibbs, and clean up our house.

On Friday, Brian and I discovered fried pickles at our favorite restaurant, Zaxbys.  I'm in love!  Hopefully, we will make the healthier version after we buy groceries.

On Saturday, I finally made an appointment to get my hair trimmed and straightened.  Before the wedding, I was stressed out and I didn't take care of my hair properly.  So between Feb 2011 - April 2011, my hair broke off in the middle.  When my hair stylist did my hair a couple of days before the wedding, she told me I would eventually have to cut my hair.  So on July 2nd 2011, I decided to have a wife chop.  From then on out, I decided to take better care of my hair.  My goal for 6 months was to get my hair back to where it was before I damaged it and I made that goal!  Too bad she had to cut 1/2" - 1" off of it because I waited 4 months to get a trim.  My new goal is to protect my ends.

On Sunday, I tried to take a nap after church.  Before I was completely out of it, I saw a yellow blur fall behind the cage and fly around the room (barely missing the wall), and landing on the edge of the bed.  Because of this, my nap was gone.  I picked Mr. Tibbs up and let him sit on my arm while I laid down.  When I tried to get up, he pooped on my arm...and I was wearing a sweat shirt.  :-(

Monday was MLK day.  Since it was my day off, Mr. Tibbs was not happy because I threw off his schedule.  While he had mixed emotions about it, Brian and I had a clean up day.  In the middle of it all, Mr. Tibbs wanted to show off:

His "Good Morning" whistles.

Mr. Tibbs doesn't like my camera.  Around :25, he realizes that not only did I touch his bell, but I'm recording him.  Brian's response: "Some celebrities just don't like being recorded."  Gotta love "Tibby TV."

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