Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Recap - Uuuga Mmmba

On Friday, I came home to Brian telling me that he has a job interview this Thursday!  So on Saturday, we drove an hour away from home to see how to get there.  On the way there, this is one of the conversations we had:

Looking at a billboard
Me: Who is Uga Mba? Uuuugaaa Mmmmbaaa. Who names their kid that?
Brian: ::Smirk:: Umm...babe...
Me: Wait...never's a University billboard :-(.

After traffic and getting lost a couple of times, we finally found the place...deep in the woods.  Surrounding the woods was the best shopping centers ever on every corner.  Circling around a couple of times, we decided to go to Red Lobster.  Afterwards, we had to pick up Mr. Tibbs food.  We already passed the PetSmart, so we went to the Petco that was only a few feet from the restaurant.  The only thing that I found disturbing that this store is that all the birds were on the bottom of their cages.  Usually nothing is wrong with that, but EVERY. SINGLE. BIRD?  I know cockatiels are sleepy heads, ask Mr. Tibbs.  But even the parakeets and the fish were the same.  It was really creepy.  Outside of the creepiness, I think I found Mr. Tibbs little sister.  With her fluffy self, she gave me the biggest, cutest eyes ever.

Sunday was Superbowl.  Even though my team wasn't playing this year, I did enjoy the commercials.  Here is my favorite:

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