Friday, February 10, 2012

You can't have sisters without the word "hers."

Since this week has been full of submittals and meetings, I will give you a recap of the things you missed:

While watching Fat Albert...
Bill Cosby: You can't have brothers without the word "others."
Me: Well, you can't have sisters without the word "hers." there an "h" in sister?
Brian: Surrrrrrre :-).
Me: ...I just screwed that word up, didn't I?
Brian: Mhmmmm!

Site Visit at School S in the mud:

Mr. Tibbs talking back to Brian when it was time to go to bed:

Brian's interview!  We was the first one they interviewed and he said it went really well.  He also said that the lab is huge compared to the one he use to work in.  They will be done interviews by Monday so hopefully we hear something great.  Also, Mr. Tibbs had to stay by himself in the morning.  He missed Brian so much, that he whistled all through Vampire Diaries and gave him kisses.  Jealous :-(

And the Valentine's Day Dance is this weekend, wooo!  Pictures to come!  Here is a preview of my attire:



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