Friday, March 16, 2012

16 Hours and Counting

As of today, I am officially 16 credit hours away from finishing my "internship."  All the hours are in Construction Observation.  If I use all the hours from going to my Owner-Architect-Contractor meetings every 2 weeks, I should be finished by my anniversary in May.  If any extra site visits pop up, then I should be finished earlier.  After I finish my hours, I am aiming to take my first exam out of the seven by December.  My car will be paid off by then and the extra money can go towards all the exams and study material.

Yesterday, my co-worker helped me get two of those hours by going to a site visit to the school that I drew, School B.  The contractor submitted his application for payment, and we went out there to see if the items he wanted to get paid for were complete.

On this list, he had completed the playground equipment and surface, 75% of the racing track, grading, and the gate for Art room patio.  In 83 degree weather, here are the results:

My co-worker, Contractor and I walking on the track.  It still needs stripes.
New Playground.
Part of the grading.
After I got back to the office, I noticed that the back of my heel was sore and blistered.  I usually wear my boots to job sites, but since there wasn't major construction, I just wore my wedges.

This picture doesn't do it justice.
The price of beauty.

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