Monday, March 19, 2012

Recipe #16: Chicken Potato Casserole

On Friday, Brian went to an event with our church, so I decided to surprise him with a Chicken Potato Casserole.  I'm too lazy to put the recipe up here right now but the recipe called for cream of mushroom.  At the time, I only had cream of celery in the house so I replaced it.  I also used leftover curry chicken we had and added after I poured the cream the celery over the casserole.  We were able to eat off of it for 2 days.  Go me!


TibbyTV - The Weekend Series:
Also, I had the opportunity to bond with Mr. Tibbs a little more.  Not only did I achieve to get back on his good side, I managed to brighten his day.
Mr. Tibbs on his window perch.
Even Brian spoiled him a bit.  Brian singing his bedtime song to him.

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