Monday, March 5, 2012

Is today Sunday?

On Friday, management found out that we have two projects due at the same time on Wednesday.  So, two of my co-workers and I came in on Saturday to finish one of the projects.  While I love overtime, it doesn’t make up for my lost weekend.  Also, Georgia got the leftover storms from the tornados from up north and I did not feel like driving in that weather (but I did of course).  We finished by 430 and I was able to see my favorite two men.  The only thing I was worried about was Mr. Tibbs’ attitude.

Background info:
Mr. Tibbs is a creature of habit.  When you throw off his schedule, he not only gets angry at you but he gravitates towards the other owner.  That happened to be Brian.  Lately, Mr. Tibbs has been whistling at Brian when he walks pass the cage or if he feeds him.  When I do the same, now he greets me with a hiss.  This morning, Mr. Tibbs woke up early because it was so sunny outside.  He was so excited to see Brian that he whistled at him.  Apparently he didn’t know I was still home.  When I said “Good Morning Tibby!” he stopped everything he was doing.  Is it because he is with Brian 24/7 or is he still mad at me for Saturday?

Anyway, when I came home Mr. Tibbs gave me his usual kiss, so I thought everything was fine.  When he got on top of his cage, then his mood changed.  I went up to the cage and talked to him and he put up his wings and hissed and me.  Then he proceeded to flying off his cage to the floor. 

Along with that, he is still on the path to waking Brian and I during our naps.  Who else but Mr. Tibbs.  My mood with work, Mr. Tibbs and life in general?

During these times, I’m thankful that I’m married to my best friend.

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