Friday, March 2, 2012

"Cough Cough, I'm Sick"

Site visit in the rain + IHOP in the rain + Sick co-worker = Chela being sick.

I have been super busy with site visits and this cold, that I really didn't have the energy to post.  I still don't.  I don't even feel like being at work today.  Even though I have been feeling crappy this week, I have had a lot of positive moments:
  1. I'm down to 21.75 hours for my internship program.  This week, I did 12 hours worth of site construction visits.  After I finish my hours, then I can take my 7 exams for my Architecture license.  I'm aiming to take my first licensing exam by December.
  2. I heard I'm going to another one after lunch...woo!
  3. It finally happened...Mr. Tibbs squawked and whistled for 40 minutes straight, to the point that my neighbor complained. I wonder what he was so happy about on Wednesday?  The only reason I consider this a positive moment is because I've had him for almost 4 years and this is my first complaint.
  4. I finally found Mr. Tibbs' previous owner on facebook.  I use to email her every year till I started planning for the wedding.  Hopefully, she will be able to help me some more with Mr. Tibbs.
  5. Brian finally stopped putting oatmeal in the burger mix.  Thank God!
  6. 9 months on the 28th since Brian and I have been married.  3 months to go till our first anniversary :-)

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