Friday, March 30, 2012

New Design

Being a future Architect makes me somewhat of a perfectionist.  If a detail is off just a little bit, my OCD senses kick in.  I loved the old layout, but the "date" on the header threw me off...especially being 2012.  I searched for months trying to find something that fit the theme but the layouts always came short.  That's when I decided to just find an awesome header and background and fill in the rest of the details myself.  I got the push from my friend Alex @ Good Girl Gone Wife.  My husband even gave me the idea to make a new button:

After is the new layout, enjoy!

Also, here a little cuteness for the day:

Brian went to choir rehearsal last night so I decided to eat dinner upstair with Mr. Tibbs.  As you can see in the back ground, ff he sees you eat, he will eat along with you.  Birds of a feather ;-).

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