Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools!

For the past 4 months, my husband and I have been planning the ultimate April Fool's joke.  Close to midnight, I would hack into my Mom and sister's Facebook account and change their pictures.  My sister is barely on Facebook and usually it would take someone to bring something to her attention for her to go up there.  My Mom on the other hand, checks Facebook multiple times a day, except for after 10pm.   So this plan was perfect.

This morning, I woke up ready with excitement about the event till my stomach started bothering me.  Hours later, I was still sick to my stomach.  I still have no clue whether it was the fast food I ate the night before or the stomach flu that has been going around but I was out of commission till around 930pm.  During the day, my Mom checked on me to make sure I was fine.  Later that night, she asked me to log into her account to upload a picture of new shoes she got.  This gave me the opportunity to make sure her password worked (which it did).  I still memorized my sister's password when she first joined facebook.

At 1158pm, it was time.  For my Mom, I added mustaches to her, myself and my sibilings for her cover picture.  As for my sister, I changed her profile picture to a picture of a children's show puppet she hated as a teen.  

My Mom's cover picture

Nanalan's Mona & Russell
I know my plan will be blown by 6am for my Mom, but it's still awesome.  I know my Mom will complain, but she doesn't know how to add a cover picture, let alone remove it.  So I will have a little fun today ;-).

Here are their responses, lol:

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