Friday, April 6, 2012


One of my New Year's resolutions for this blog was to upgrade the quality my picture taking.  Instead of using my crappy cellphone, I started using my digital camera and added signatures.  I was fine with that till I realized I was screwed on weekends.  Since I got a new desktop at home, I do not have Photoshop.  (My old laptop has it, but with a waiting time of almost 20 minutes to load and the occasional BSOD, I wasn't having that.)  I have the basics, but if I seriously wanted to edit something, I had to do it at work.  With helicopter co-workers, that was a no-no. 

One day as I was checking my Bloglist, Blog Guidebook posted about a new editing website called PicMonkey!  All I have to say is: I LOVE IT!  I tried it out on one of my pictures from the Valentine's Day dance I went to this year.  By the end of the night, my makeup had almost faded and the flash made my foundation look weird.  With PicMonkey; I was able to crop, reapply makeup, filter and add a border. 

I'm not giving up on Photoshop completely.  Last night, I finally downloaded a trial version of Photoshop to my desktop just in case something needs more editing past the tools of PicMonkey.  Overall, I think PicMonkey is my new best friend. 

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