Thursday, April 5, 2012


For the past week, it has been my boss' goal to make sure I finish my IDP by the end of the week.  Yes I'm finally down to 6 hours, but I seriously doubt it will happen.

Yesterday, I received 2 hours by reviewing an application for payment and going to School S verify if the information that was on the application was correct.  Last time we went to the site, the contractors had just started putting up the brick, painted the corridors, started the connecting corridors between the existing and new building, and discovered a conflicting column.  Here is their progress from yesterday:

More bricks!

They removed the existing brick for the new opening for the corridor.  Now that they know where the existing column is, they will cut around it and wrap it with masonry.

Stiffeners were added to support the canopy roofs.

New slab for the connecting corridors.

The track was added for the operable partition walls.
Tomorrow, we are going to School B to see how the renovation of the existing toilets are going.

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