Monday, April 16, 2012

Tibby 'do

Well it's officially over.  My hair style was ruined yesterday night.  Every time I straighten my hair, I try to perserve the style for at least a week.  If one drop of water hits my hair, it would revert to curly.  While I love my kinky/curly hair, I didn't want to waste $60.  Last night, I wasted it.

Yesterday, Brian and I spend the whole day cleaning the bathrooms and rooms and saved the end of the day for Mr. Tibbs' cage.  To prepare for the nasty adventure of cleaning poop, I set up Mr. Tibb's window perch:

As you can see, he loves looking out the window
Afterwards, I got Brian to carry Mr. Tibbs' cage in the guest shower and I went to work.  As I was scrubbing his cage, I noticed drops of water coming from my hair.  Half of my hair was soaked!  At the time, I had my hair in bantu knots for work the next day.  I had two choices, leave it like it was or spray the rest of my hair with water.  I chose option two.  I spent the next 20 minutes removing the bantu knots, spraying my hair with water, oiling my hair, two strand twisting my hair, and pin curling it.  I think by doing this, I was able to save my last ounce of straight hair before it reverts completely.

I got a lot of compliments at work with this style!
I was surprised at the results of my happy accident.  Thanks to Mr. Tibbs, Brian and I officially called this hair style the "Tibby 'do."

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