Monday, May 21, 2012

Am I a bad pet owner?

Have you seen this picture?
When I saw this on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, I laughed and wondered what parent in their right mind would leave their child like this to take a picture.  Even though I am good for catching candid shots of people, I would be scared to do that to my child or feather baby.  Well I guess I was wrong.

On Sunday, I wanted to wear my red dress to church.  With this dress, I always wear a set of pearls with it.  I've had these pearls for the past 3 years, and they have been hanging in there.

When I first got them in 2009, they were 3 tiered.  This is the dress I actually wore yesterday, lol.

One of the layers broke after my wedding in 2011, so I wore it as a 2 tiered necklace.  It broke again this year so it was just a single layer.
Yesterday, it was finally laid to rest...on my bathroom floor. 

 As the pearls went splat, Mr. Tibbs flew for dear life around the room.  At first I thought he landed on the cage, but a few seconds later, I found out that he was holding on to the curtains by his cage.

After taking this lovely picture, it took me a few minutes to pry him off of the curtains.  He was quiet for the rest of the morning.  Brian gave me the look of shame after I took the picture.  Sorry guys!

Weekend recap coming soon!


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