Monday, June 18, 2012

I suck at updating

For the past couple of weeks, my wireless Internet at home has been out; resulting me using one computer to connect to the modem.  This is making me suck at updating on the weekends or weekdays when I can't post at work.  To get myself organized for the week, I have come up with a couple of categories so it doesn't seem like I'm all over the place making up for lost time: 

Married Monday - Married life: These may consist of weekend wrap ups or recipes
Tibby TV Tuesday - Tibby and his adventures: Animal celebrity
Walk through Wednesday - Architecture related: Site visits, work rants and Exams
Tibby TV Thursday - Tibby and his adventures: He needs another day because he is that awesome
Funny Friday - Funny Pictures I find online: Pinterest based

To make up for last week, here is a hodge-podge of all the categories:
  1. Father's Day was yesterday.  December will be 20 years since I lost my Dad.  Even thought that void in my life is gone, I gained another one last year and it's pretty cool.  I have to say I love my in-laws!
  2. Mr. Tibbs has a problem with weekends.  He woke me up at 730am and whistled non-stop.  When will he learn?!
  3. School S is moving along!  A lot of the finishes have been installed and we finally chose the brick for the kitchen addition.
  4. I learned that if I close the cage door, Mr. Tibbs will stop squawking.  

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