Monday, June 18, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award & Answered Questions!

I've been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!  Thanks to my friend, Alex at Good Girl Gone Wife!

This is my first blog award and it feels pretty darn awesome!  Here are the rules for The Versatile Blogger Award:

-Thank and link back to the person who nominated you (thank you Alex!)
-Nominate 15 other blogs you recently found or follow regularly.  Nobody is required to accept the award; if you'd rather not accept, just take it as a compliment :)
-Share seven things about yourself

So here are seven things about me:
  1. I love Michael Jackson & Spider-man.
  2. I stopped using relaxers on my hair on December 20, 2008 and embraced my kinky-curly hair.  That was the best decision I ever made.
  3. The way to my heart is my stomach. 
  4. I am the loudest quiet person you will ever met.  Try to comprehend that, lol.
  5. I have middle child syndrome.
  6. I wanted to be a Vet before I decided to study Architecture.  Sometimes I wonder did I make the right choice.
  7. I can't dance.  I have no bit of rhythm.  I even avoided the dance floor at my own wedding.

And here are the questions I've been asked this week for my 100th post:
  1. What made you want to be an architect?
    I loved to draw. When I was a kid, I drew on anything that had a surface and I think with Architecture, I got to see my creations come to life rather than being wiped off a wall, lol.
  2. How would you like to celebrate your next birthday?
    Maybe a party or dinner with a few of my family and friends.
  3. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
    Lots and lots. But some how, I've messed up my heels. So I've probably have 10 usable ones.
  4. What was the the dirtiest job you have ever had?
    Working in fast food. Even though at my current job I am going to site visits, in fast food it was just horrible.
  5. Are you hard-working or lazy?
    Depends on what day it is.
  6. Which celebrity would you like to meet?
    Michael Jackson if he were still alive.

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