Thursday, August 16, 2012

Married...Thursday Part 1 - Wii U Date

The week of 7/30, a lot of things were going on.  On Thursday, I was preparing for my nerdy date with Brian and Friday, I was preparing for the arrival of my God-brother while doing an out of town site visit. 

Earlier that week, Brian got us invitation only tickets for the Wii U Experience to test out the new Wii U.  The event was only two hours, and in between that time; they gave us Nintendo Wii U themed snacks: chocolate Mario Mustaches, Wii U sugar cookies, blue cotton candy and blue Jones soda.  They also allowed us to play games that weren’t even in stores yet on the new system.  When we arrived, there was a line full of people with Nintendo themed apparel.  After we checked in, I linked my badge to my Facebook page.  From there, anytime I scanned my ID to take a picture, it was automatically uploaded to Facebook. 

The first game we tried was Just Dance 4.  I love dancing games but I only like it in the privacy of my own home.  I get really shy when I dance in front of people but I opened up and joined the fun.  They have a new feature where you choose the dance from different songs using their new controller.

Source: Google Images
Next we tried, Super Mario Bros.  In the new game, you play like the other games but this time you use the new controller.  With the new controller, you play as a helper and assist the other players.  If you see them about to fall, you create a block to place under their feet.

We played other games such as Luigi’s Mansion, Wii U Fit, Zombie U and other fun games. I wish I took more picture, but I did find a video from another city that shows how great the event was!  Enjoy:

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