Thursday, August 16, 2012

Married...Thursday Part 2 - House Guest

On Friday, while I was out of town, Brian picked up my God-brother, DeShawn, to visit us for 10 days.  I first met DeShawn at a church we use to attend back in 2004.  

DeShawn and his brother, Myles, in 2005.
He was only 7 at the time but our families got really close.  My sister always had his brother, Myles, on her hip while I was close to DeShawn.  I use to baby sit him from time to time and he became a brother to me.  If I wasn’t playing with his pets, we were always drawing together.  He was even in my wedding. 

Us in the photo booth.
This summer I found out that he wanted to become an Architect because of me.  His Mom came to me in June to see if we could set up a program at our office for DeShawn to shadow us for a week.  At the end of his summer vacation, he would have to write a report about his trip and turn it in to his Art Honors Program Director.  I was able to make it happen, and we scheduled the visit for August 6-10.   

When he first arrived, it took him a while to warm up to us because he was homesick and it was his first long trip away from his family.  He slept part of the day and ate other parts.  He finally opened up on Monday when he met my boss.

During his “internship,” myself and my firm did the following:
1.      Told him the history of our firm and the basics of Architecture.
2.      Introduced him to Architectural Drawings and Specifications.
3.      Introduced him to drawing programs.
4.      Took him to site visits.
5.      Operations of how an Architect functions.
6.      How to handle a deadline. (he showed up in the middle of getting a project out)

First day of work.
As the days passed, he started to talk more about how school was, and what I missed since I moved out of state.  On the 10th, he discovered that Architecture isn’t just residential and drawing.  I don’t think we scared him away from Architecture, but we told him about the hard work we have to do to get a project out.  Sunday morning, Brian and I got him prepared and drove him to the airport and guided him to security check point.  As much as I missed having the house to ourselves, I did miss having him around.

Overall, I’m glad I was able to be a blessing to him!

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