Monday, September 17, 2012

Married Monday: Random advice from a stranger

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On Friday, I had a few errands to run during lunch on my payday.  My car tags were about to expire for the month, so I had to get my emissions test done before I could pay for my tags.  For the past 3 years, I have been going to the same place near my job.  I’m usually greeted by a guy that was close to my age and we would talking about our jobs.  Emissions test usually take no more than 15 minutes, but the conversations usually make the time go by faster.  Today, I met his co-worker.

His co-worker is 38 and loves to joke around.  He was kind of surprised about how unique my name was and that I didn’t look like I was from our State.  We talked a few and he asked me “what did I do and what made you move here?”  I told him about Architecture and what I had to do to get my license.  He was interested in it and wanted to know where I was with the process.  I told him that I was about taking my registration exams and that I was nervous.  That’s when he gave me great advice:   
#1. “Don’t ever admit that you are scared.  That shows a sign of weakness.  Take the challenge, that will create positive results.”
#2.  “There is nothing wrong with staying home all the time – Especially when you are relaxing or studying.  But eventually your mind won’t grow because you are use to the same things.   Don’t forget to go outside and explore new things. I was in jail for 7 years and we stayed in the same 4 walls.  That’s when a lot of people think about escaping or doing other things.  That’s the same theory.”
#3. “Continue to be a Queen.  Guys like to call women outside of their name and sometimes they accept it and it’s not right.  Be a strong Queen to your King.”
#4. “Smile more.  Your smile brightens up a room and you are quick to frown.”

I love when God uses a stranger as a vessel and speaks through them.  It’s the most awesome feeling and the quick pick-me-up that I need sometimes.

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