Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Women in Architecture Wednesday: Dating An Architect

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On Friday, a classmate of mine posted a link on Facebook about “9 Things They Don’t Tell You About Dating an Architect.”  I was kind of skeptical at first but I decided to find out if Brian was experiencing what the list had stated.  Here are our responses to the article.  Enjoy J

1. "Architects make a lot of money" -
Can't say I thought this, but I did think they made more than they do.  It's crazy.  It's almost enough to go "why?"
We usually have small fees on our project and the majority of our fee goes to paying our consultants or overhead fees.  We don’t make a lot.

2. Architects are used to late nights -
I knew this wasn't true, and it's definitely not like college anymore.
Once I graduated, I couldn’t stay up past 10pm without a motive.

3. There is no such thing as a fat architect -
Well, I can't say I know any personally.
That’s like saying everyone has a high metabolism.

4. Things you never even knew existed are now the most important. thing. ever. -
I just take it as OCD, but some of this stuff is very true.
When describes what I do for a living to others, he always tells the story of the Airport that didn’t have a ADA accessible wheelchair ramp.  When the media showed the picture, Brian thought nothing was wrong while I fussed the TV. instantly and said “I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY FORGOT THAT!!!!”  How do you freakin’ forget codes people!  It’s not an OCD!  He says "saying that it's not an OCD constantly is an OCD."

5. They're probably anal - 
This is false.  Anal people are anal, and there are a lot more anal scientists than anal architects, I guarantee you.  However, the part about the fridge is right.
I like order.  If something is off just a little, I have to fix it.  The refrigerator, my closet and even the stuff on the bathroom counter.  I think Brian purposely messes it up to see me react.  I promise I’m not crazy.

6. After a while, you will only hang out with architects -
Absolutely false.
I moved 4 years ago, and the majority of my Architect friends are out of state.  So this is currently false.

6. Architects handle relationship/life stress well -
Not necessarily, but I wouldn't say they are really bad at it either.
Sure, why not.

7. You won't get studio -
Umm, not necessarily true either.  I get studio.  But maybe that's because we dated while you were in college.
Brian has known me since I started Studio, so this does not apply.

8. They will be coffee snobs. -
Absolutely false.
Yuck.  My co-workers drink a lot of coffee.  After all the all-nighters went away, so did my “like” of coffee.

9. Architects are passionate, dedicated people. -
Umm, I never knew about this (except from Ted from How I Met Your Mother), but I would say that this is patently false as well.
We can be depending on the subject.

. . . overall not too bad, but why are there two 6s?
My OCD senses are kicking in.

Do you fit the sterotype for your career?

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