Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mr. Tibbs and the Emmy's

It's been a while since my last Mr. Tibbs post so enjoy!

I'm not really a fan of the Emmy's, but I had to choose between sports or reruns on Sunday.  I actually watch some of the shows that were nominated, so I said "hey, why not."  I usually call the Primetime Emmy's the "Modern Family Emmy's," but it could have been different this year.  (It actually wasn't, lol)

During the Emmy's, I decided to take Mr. Tibbs out the cage and have him watch it with Brian and I.  He has been a good boy all weekend and I wanted to let him know that we love him.  Usually, I place him on my hand and he plays with his bell while I lean on Brian.  He did really well till the Emmy's did a skit using the Andy Griffith theme song.  That's when Mr. Tibbs went crazy.  Mr. Tibbs' previous owners were fans of The Andy Griffith Show and Cops, so anytime he hears it, he whistles and squawks till it goes off.  It gets so bad, I have to change the channel to avoid my neighbors getting mad.

Here is what happened after the sketch ended:
Left: He climbed on Brian's knee.  Brian eventually scared him off and I had to get him back.  With a combination of him flying around the room and squawks, I got him back on my hand.
Right: Whistling to the Emmy's.
It eventually tired him out in between the flying and whistling and he went to bed early at 830pm.  Even covered up, he still had an opinion about everything.  When someone won an award, he hissed.  They played the Andy Griffith theme song again at 1018pm while he was covered up for bed, and he rung his bell in excitement. 

Gotta love Mr. Tibbs.

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