Monday, September 24, 2012

Married Monday: 9/24/12

I'm currently watching the Primetime Emmy's, so this was a perfect time to catch up on a couple of posts for Married Monday and Tibby Tuesday.

Happy Monday!

This weekend had a LOT of ups and one down:
  • The bad:
    • I screwed up my eye on Friday.  I fell asleep with my contacts and makeup on and now I have a stye.  I've been use to them since I was a kid, but it still sucks to get them.  So for the rest of the week, I will be wearing my glasses with no makeup.  When I was in high school, my doctor told me to rub water and no-tears baby shampoo on it and also use a warm compress on it.  Some OTC stye medicines only clog the pores.  That trick has been helping me ever since, so I'm not too worried.
  •  The good:
    • Great things happened at work on Thursday and I have been excited ever since.  I won't see it till Friday and I won't go into detail, but I am thankful for blessings.
    • I currently subscribe to The Krazy Coupon Lady daily email.  I receive coupons for everything and the other day they posted a coupon for a free cupcake pineapple pop from Edible Arrangements.  I love Edible Arrangements but it can be expensive.  On Saturday, Brian and I drove 10 miles to the nearest store.  When we arrived, there was a 30 minute wait for it, so we walked around the shopping center.  Below shows the final product!
I thought it was going to be smaller than it actually was.  Dipped in white and milk chocolate, this cupcake pineapple pop was delicious and juicy!  Have a plate in hand because it can get messy.
    •  I am starting a project called Project Brian.  What is Project Brian you ask?  Well after Wednesday's post, I realized that Brian is feeding my "OCD." So, I decided to document throughout the week how he rearranges the bathroom.  Sunday is already documented.  Let's what happens!
    • Mr. Tibbs and the Emmy's!

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