Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pretty Little Blogger Series: Halloween for Professionals

This month begins the first Pretty Little Blogger series!  This month's theme:

As you already know, I'm not really big on celebrating Halloween, but I do love to dress up.  Being in the professional setting, dressing up for Halloween depends on the dress code for the firm.  From Monday - Friday, my firm requires us to be in business casual attire while on Fridays, we dress in casual attire.  Since Halloween has never fallen on a Friday since I've worked with my firm, I usually add an accessory or two to my work attire.  If I have a meeting that day, I can easily remove it and create less distraction to myself.  Last year, I dressed as Princess Peach.

This year, I decided to be SuperWoman:

Source: Google Images
To achieve this look, I will combine the following:

No contacts for me that day.
Source: Google Images

This will be half way buttoned.
Source: Google Images
This shirt will be underneath my white blouse.
Source: Google Images

Depending on the weather, I will either wear my pencil skirt or slacks.
Source: Google Images.

I will show you all the results next week!  Check out the other blogs from PLB and see what they are doing for Halloween!

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