Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tibby Do' - Part 2

My hair freshly washed, straightened and curled - 1/3/13
I'm currently on week two of my straightened hair style.  The weather last week was perfect and I was able to sway my hair back and forth in the wind.  This week hasn't been so perfect and my hair has been frizzing up.  The weather in Georgia calls for rain all week and I'm stuck under an umbrella or a plastic bag.  If any type of liquid hits my strands, my hair goes from straight to kinky-curly within seconds.  Instead of wasting a great hair style, I decided to revisit a happy hair style accident created by Mr. Tibbs last April; the Tibby DoThis style is a combination of bantu knots and pin curls on blown out hair.  When I first posted about the Tibby Do, I didn't have time to post in detail how I came up with the style.  Now I have a step by step with photos!


  1. Spray bottle filled with water
  2. Duck bill clips
  3. Hair clip
  4. Moisturizer (I used Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier)
  1. Oil hair with moisturizer.
  2. Part hair in 9-12 sections.
  3. Twist hair and pin curl.
  4. Secure with duck bill clip.
  5. Repeat.
  6. Lightly mist hair with water.
  7. Let dry overnight.
  8. Take photos of Mr. Tibbs:
"Hi Mommy!"
Last Year -

This Year -
I didn't add as many pin curls in the front, so the front curls came out flat.  So I twisted my hair in the front.  Also, my hair is much shorter than it was in April 2012.  So my hair is not as full as I hoped it to be.  I will try this again later this week and when I straighten it again in April 2013.  By April, my hair should be back to the length it was last year.

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