Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mr. Tibbs is home alone

Mr. Tibbs has been M.I.A. on BR 2.0.  We were planning our trip for the past couple of weeks and making sure that Mr. Tibbs would be well taken care of while we were out of town the weekend before Valentine's Day.  Since we couldn’t cover him up, we did the following to keep him comfortable:
  • Turned the light off so he went to bed when the sun went down.
  • Turned on the heat so he wouldn’t be cold.
  • Turned on the radio.
  • Had my uncle come in and change his water and food and keep him entertained. Mr. Tibbs looooooves my uncle. When I came back, my uncle told me that Mr. Tibbs remembered him and whistled like crazy.
I was worried about Mr. Tibbs that whole weekend. We haven’t left him home alone since September 2011 and I didn’t want him to freak out. When I got home, I found Mr. Tibbs under his bell ready to whistle at us. I got him out the cage and cuddle with my love. It took me some time to put him back in the cage because he missed me but I’m so glad to see him again after a fun weekend.

I can’t believe I forgot how much of a big boy he was.

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