Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tibby Tuesday: Hisses instead of Kisses

2009 Kisses.  He's more focused on taking the picture than kissing me, lol.
Ever since Mr. Tibbs was comfortable enough to come to me, I always gave him kisses before I went to work and when I got home.   They are basic air kisses and sometimes he ask for more when one kiss isn't enough.  Once I say "give me a kissy,"  Mr. Tibbs comes running.  Lately, Mr. Tibbs hasn't been feeling them.

This morning, Mr. Tibbs got mad at me.  Since I got married, Brian has been taking over my duties of uncovering Mr. Tibbs in the morning.  He usually gets up around 930am, so he misses me.  Ever since daylights savings time took effect, Mr. Tibbs has been getting up an hour early.  If I'm in the room, he automatically thinks I'm "throwing off his schedule and I shouldn't be here" and squawks till I leave the room.  This has been going on for the past month.  Mind you, he doesn't do this on the weekends. 

After squawking for 10 minutes, Mr. Tibbs got distracted and decided to start his morning rituals; ring his bell and whistle.  Then this happened:

Me: Okay I'm getting ready to go.  Let me kiss my two favorite men.  Mr. Tibbs you are first!
Mr. Tibbs: ::Rings his bell::
Me: Give me a kissy ::Gets close to Mr. Tibbs::
Mr. Tibbs: ::Hisses::
Me: Sorry!!!!
Mr. Tibbs: ::Gets on top of the cage::
Me: Give me a kissy!
Mr. Tibbs: ::Hiss and puts his wings up::

Me: Put your wings down! I don't like mean kisses!
Mr. Tibbs: ::Puts his wings down and gives me a kiss::
Me: That's better.  Thank you sweetheart.  Brian, give me a kiss!
Brian: ::Hisses::
Me: Really?!  You too?!  You are influencing him, LOL!
Brian: ::Kisses me::

Mr. Tibbs only hisses at ducks/geese, loud noises when he's trying to sleep, and his blanket.  Just the fact that I threw off his schedule, he added my name to the "hiss list."  The moral to this story, give Mr. Tibbs his space and don't throw off his schedule or he will get mad!

Source: Texts from Parrots
 Do you have any pets that get mad if you interrupt their "me time"?

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