Thursday, May 23, 2013

Simple Marley Twists hairstyles for long trips

From May 11th - 13th, Brian and I drove to Virginia to visit my family and watch my sister graduate from college!  She was number 3 out of her class of 700!  I was so proud of her and I was able to be close to the stage for her to see me and wave.  Eventually, the trip took a toll on me, especially since we got up at 5am everyday to travel.  On my last day in town, I missed dinner at my in-laws because I fell asleep on the couch.  Overall, we had fun and the trip was worth it.  Here are some pictures from the graduation:

And here is what I wore to the graduation:

Full Tilt Ruffle Belted Maxi Dress from
Mix No. 6 Bianca Wedge Pump from 
In the meantime, I did my third installment of my Marley Twists so I didn't have to worry about my hair as much.  Here are my four go-to styles I had for the whole weekend.  Each style took between 1-5 minutes and required only 1 bobby pin.  2 out of the 4 hairstyles were even done in my car!  I will provide a tutorial on these styles soon!
10 hour drive as a passenger?  Try this: Bun with Satin Scarf.
This style allowed me to keep my edges smooth while I slept during most of the drive.

Simple style to try after the drive?  Try this: Half up do.

Graduation guest hair?  Try this: Side Braided bun

After graduation hair?  Try this: Side Braid
"Graduation guest hair" with the bobby pin removed.
College Graduate trying to fit your natural hair under your cap?  Try these:

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