Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WIAW: Last week in my Architectural world

I am thankful for last week's Hiatus

When I came back in town last Monday afternoon, I got an email from an Architect I have been in contact with that has been assisting me with conducting the Architect Registration Exam study group.  She forwarded me information on a scholarship given by AIA that would cover the costs of the 7 ARE exams and provide a complete collection of Kaplan's study guides for the exam!  This sounded amazing.  When I read a little further, I found out I only had one week to apply!!!  My vision of possibly ending my Hiatus early went down the drain.  Even writing a post for this past Monday was out of the question.  I spent all week in my spare time revamping my resume, portfolio and biography and gathering all the recommendations I could for this scholarship.  With the help of my awesome husband, he checked for errors and I was able to submit it on Monday before catching a 24hr bug.  Now I'm crossing my fingers that I get the scholarship and get rid of the bug.

In the meantime, I still had to work.  Below are little snippets of my adventures in Architecture:

Project C had a site visit.  I thought the site visit was for the civil engineer only and the Architects would visit the existing spaces.  With that said, I wore a new pencil skirt and a button down blouse my sister gave to me with heels to match.  Apparently I was wrong and the Architects had to go.  I was glad that I drove my car, because my construction boots were in there.  (The client's office is on the same street as my townhouse, so I didn't have to stop at work first, yay!)  We got a lot done, and my boss and I went to Zaxby's before we headed back to work.

My bosses and I had a meeting with the end users for Project F.  We laid of the new spaces in the existing building and wanted the end users to review it.  The meeting went well, and we made more changes that accommodated the end users.  After the meeting, we saw an event for the Urban Design Commission going on in the main lobby and they were giving out popcorn.  My bosses and I decided to check out the event and view the historical districts that were up for awards.  The popcorn was soooo yummy that I accidently dropped a popcorn down my blouse.  I couldn't do anything about it because we bumped into past colleagues, UDC employees and a guy named DM.  DM worked with our firm on a historical project out of the city and we even received an award for it.  This was my first time meeting DM, and he said this to me:
"What's your field of study? Architecture? I just wanted to tell you that you have a face for historical Architecture. I just know these things and you will be a historical Architect. Soak every bit of information you can from your firm. {Insert websites here} are great websites to look for historical information. I know you will do great."
The weirdest thing is that he didn't know my Thesis was on historical Architecture and that I wanted to specialize in it.  It was pretty awesome hearing that from someone who is a "big wig" in Georgia.  Afterwards, I had a big smile on my face.  Oh and I was able to get the popcorn when I went outside:

I found out I had another popcorn down my blouse when I changed clothes, lol.  And yes I saved it for this post that I wrote on Sunday!
Saturday was our first meet up for the ARE study group.  Myself and the co-founder had issues finding the Starbucks and parking but we made it.  We had a total of 4 members that attended the meeting and all of us are planning to take the Construction Documents and Services of the ARE.  Everyone shared their experience with the exam and how they are approaching to study.  This was the BIGGEST motivation I needed.  I know I'm been slacking but I'm going to sign up for my exam on June 22.  I'm going to check my calendar and see if that is possible.  It's no far being a leader to others and not taking my own advice.  I got to stay motivated!

Our next meeting is next Saturday and I can't wait!

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