Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tibby Tuesday: How?

How?  That's the only question I could ask on Wednesday afternoon. 

When I came home from work, Brian was down stairs cooking; so I talked for him for a little bit and headed up stairs to see my favorite Big Boy, Mr. Tibbs.  I have a habit of singing his name or jiggling my keys while I go up the stairs, so he would know it's me.  When I walked through the door, he was missing!  I was freaking out because I couldn't find Mr. Tibbs, but then I looked up.  Mr. Tibbs was on the curtain rod! 

Mr. Tibbs is a creature of habit and is never by the window unless his window perch is up.  The only time you can find him in a random place is if something scared him.  When he is found, he doesn't fly back on his own, unless someone guides him back to the cage.  Brian stated that the door bell rung before he went down stairs and Mr. Tibbs flew around the room a couple of times before he landed back on the cage.  Afterward, Brian left the room and didn't hear much from him.  Usually when Mr. Tibbs fly around the room, he lets out a big "SQUAWK" as a warning.  Brian didn't hear anything.

After I took these pictures as evidence, I helped Mr. Tibbs back to his cage and eventually put up his window perch.  The mystery of Mr. Tibbs being on the window is still unsolved but at least he had fun at a new location!

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