Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tibby Tuesday: A Cabin for a Tibby

When I was in Architecture school, during my second year, I had a project where we had to design a cabin for an Architect.  The imaginary cabin's site was set on the horse stables on campus and the cabin had to lightly impact the site.  Our cabin also had to use a connection mechanism in the design.  I decided to use the hinge connection for the doors, windows and tables.  This was a fun project and I got an A+ on it.

Eight years later, Mr. Tibbs reminded me that my professor was wrong when she came up with the program.  It was actually a Cabin for Mr. Tibbs!  On Thursday, I brought Mr. Tibbs in the computer room while Brian was at choir rehearsal.  Mr. Tibbs hates being in the room alone, so I decided to bring him with me so he can help me study for my exam.  Bad move.  I didn't bring his bell with me and he didn't take that to well.  After flying on my bookcase with my college diploma, he eventually flew on the floor by my cabin.  He walked around the cabin and created the perfect picture moment:

This picture is now my desktop wallpaper for work.
I laid some paper on the floor and let him play and watch TV while I studied for my exams.  Eventually, he climbed up my leg and he watched me study and sneak in a game of Candy Crush.  It was a fun night and Mr. Tibbs let me know a couple of things:
  1. It's all about Mr. Tibbs and he only approves photos that make him look awesome.
  2. He loves my University and would major in "Bellology" if he could.
  3. He would like to move into my Cabin. (The roof comes off so, he could play in it if I wasn't so attached to my model)
  4. If you want him to go somewhere, always bring his bell or you will PAY!

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